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For customers who have bought a Paper Log Roller Box to leave any comments they may wish to make.


3 thoughts on “Reviews”

  1. What a good idea, I bought one for my son for Xmas as a surprise present and didn’t realise what a good thing it turned out to be.
    He has 2 children and they are a very family family and they get great fun together making paper logs.
    The logs burn slowly and give off a good deal of heat,ideal for all night burning.
    Once again, What a good idea, and for the price, a gift.

  2. I was bought a Paper Log Roller as a recent Christmas present, one of the most useful I have ever received! Over the past months I have found the making of logs to be easy and my four children enjoy the process as well. I have been using the paper logs with wood and some coal. I found them to be slow burning and really cost effective – Free! Really very happy and will spend this summer building up my free supply of paper logs ready for next year! A product worthy of being highly recommended.

  3. nice compact unit, does what it says on the tin, still haven’t fathomed how it makes the logs but, very happy with the results, would recommend

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